About us

Women’s Rights are Human Rights is one of the long running programmes at NESEHNUTÍ (Independent Social-Ecological Movement).
Since it first started in 1999, the programme’s activities have been aimed at creating a space in which attitudes to questions relating to stereotypical notions about the roles of women and men within society could change and the problems which arise from such perceptions (e.g. violence against women, inequality in the job market, in politics and in other spheres) could be solved.
We primarily organise educational and informative activities, with the main aim of bringing information and discussions from professional and academic fields into the public domain and everyday life.

Our work includes:

  • Annual Sexist Piggy contest for the most sexist advert
  • Co-organising the annual World Week of Respect for Childbirth in May and the Active Parenthood Conference in October
  • Lectures and workshops (for schools and the general public)
  • Public, thematic events (talks, film showings, street information stalls)
  • Touring information-photography exhibitions
  • The publication and distribution of information materials
  • Specialist section in the NESEHNUTÍ library on “feminism and gender studies” and an information centre on equal opportunities for women and men
  • The information centre provides consultation and advice to everyone who is interested in the issues surrounding equal opportunities and gender discrimination

All of our activities place a great emphasis on cooperation with and connecting themes with other similar organisations, institutions, experts and individuals.


Email: zenskaprava@nesehnuti.cz
Address: NESEHNUTÍ Brno, třída Kpt. Jaroše 18, 602 00 Brno
tel./fax: +420 543 245 342
Mobile: +420 605 239 579

Kristýna Pešáková, kristyna@nesehnuti.cz, programme coordinator
Petra Havlíková, petra@nesehnuti.cz, programme coordinator
Zora Javorská, zora@nesehnuti.cz, campaign coordinator of Women and the Environment; website administrator
Kristýna Rytířová, kristynar@nesehnuti.cz, Systemic change in obstetrics

Volunteer programme:
Alžběta Možíšová, sexism in advertising
Daniele Jungová, feminisms in the world
Lucie Šebelová, Art therapy and alternative preschool education